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2023 New Mexico B.A.S.S. Nation Minutes

Revised 2023 NM Bass Nation Tournament Rules these rules supersede all previous rules.



Brian Stangel

Vice President

Dave Garrett


Audra Garrett


Audra Garrett

Conservation Director

Earl Conway

Conservation Treasurer

Friends of Reservoirs

Youth Director

Courtney White

Youth Treasurer & Operations

Rick White

Tournament Director

Dave Garrett


Albuquerque Hawg Hunters

Director - Keith Johnston 

Canadian River Bass Club (Logan, NM)

Director - Randy Campbell

Cedar Cove Bass Anglers (Elephant Butte, NM)

Director - Randell Bell 

Cortez Bassmasters (Cortez, Co)

Director - John Gross

High Country Bass Anglers (Los Alamos, NM) 

Director - Joe Weber 

Pecos Valley Bassmasters (Artesia, NM)

Director - Mike Hill

Rocky MTN Bass Anglers (Trinidad, CO)

Director - Dave Garrett

Socorro Valley Bass Club (Elephant Butte, NM)

Director - Ron Gilworth

2019 New Mexico B.A.S.S. Nation Minutes

2018 New Mexico B.A.S.S Nation Minutes

The voting period has ended on the second vote for lakes and dates for the 2019 schedule.  The directors have voted (in favor of) by a vote of 4-3 with one director not casting a vote.  The votes were as follows:

In Favor:

High Country


Four Corners

Pecos Valley

Not In Favor:

Cedar Cove

Hawg Hunters

Socorro (voted in favor then changed vote to suggest new dates)

The schedule for the 2019 State Team Qualifying events are listed below.

Qualifier #1-#2  April 6-7  Elephant Butte

Qualifier #3-#4  August 24-25  Navajo

Tournament Dates and Lakes Vote #1

Voted Not in Favor by a vote of 5-3

Not In Favor                          In Favor

Cedar Cove                     Pecos Valley

Socorro                            High Country

Southwest                        Four Corners


Hawg Hunters

Suggestions and Votes

Hawg Hunters         April 27-28 E. Butte         August 10-11   Navajo

Socorro                   April 6-7 E. Butte             August 3-4       Navajo

Southwest               No Date  E. Butte            No Date            Navajo

Cedar Cove             April 27-28 E. Butte        August 10-11    Navajo

Pecos Valley           April 6-7 Ute                    August 24-25   Conchas

High Country           April 6-7 Ute                    August 24-25   Navajo

Four Corners           April 6-7 Ute                    August 24-25   Navajo

EBBA                      April 6-7 E. Butte            August 24-25   Navajo

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