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New Mexico B.A.S.S. Nation News:

June 10 Open Team and June 11 HS/JR info

June 10th is the Team Open:

June 11th is the HS/JR NMBN #1:

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

For more information or questions, please contact the Tournament Director:

Dave Garrett

Vice President/Tournament Director

vicepresident@nmbfn.com 719-680-2527


Revised 2023 NM Bass Nation Tournament Rules*
*For local NM tournaments, the B.A.S.S. logo/signage, boat wrap, jerseys, etc. do not apply.

To register for all New Mexico BASS Nation tournaments, please visit the Entry and Waiver Form Page

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2023 NMBN Dues

NMBN Dues:  

There are 4 separate dues that need to be paid to be in good standing:

If you are joining a club and wish to participate in tournaments, your club will collect and pay your respective dues within your club, then forward your state dues and required waiver to the Treasurer.  If you want to join the state level club, the At Large, you will pay your Bass Nation dues and state dues through the President or Treasurer.

(checks made payable to NM Bass Nation or NMBN)

Mail to:  NMBN

c/o Audra Garrett

1522 S. Oak St.

Trinidad, CO 81082

If your Bassmaster email is correct, your Bass Nation email may not be.  Please have your club officer verify your Bass Nation email is correct through the roster system.  If not, please let us know and we will do our best to get it corrected.  Club officers can no longer update emails in the Bass Nation roster system.  

To join, renew  or verify your Bassmaster membership you can call 877-227-7872 and speak to a customer service representative that will give you your best options.  

NMBN qualifier #1 - Possum Kingdom - 03/25/2023
NMBN qualifier #2 - Possum Kingdom - 03/26/2023

NMBN qualifier #3 - Elephant Butte - 04/22/2023
NMBN qualifier #4 - Elephant Butte - 04/23/2023

NMBN qualifier #5 - President's Cup - Ute Lake - 05/20-21/2023

Format is best 3 of 5 events for qualifiers.  You do not need to go out of state to qualify.  You don't need to go to a specific venue if you don't like it.  We felt this was the best compromise based on member feedback.

2023 Youth Events (tentative)

Qualifier #1 - Ute Lake - 06/11/2023

Qualifier #2 - Ute Lake - 07/09/2023

Youth State Championship - Ute Lake - 08/27/2023

2023 Open team events.

NMBN Open Team event #1 - Ute Lake - 6/10/2023

NMBN Open Team event #2 - Ute Lake - 07/08/2023

NMBN Open Team event #3 - Ute Lake - 08/26/2023