Tentative dates were presented by Dave Garrett TD for the 2023 season for the clubs to review and discuss. The planning is complicated by low water levels as well as available services at the tournament venues. Elephant Butte and Ute are the only two areas that offer services for tournament anglers in close proximity. Water is still a challenge anywhere, but let's hope for more water. We hope to have the support of the communities we are visiting as the NMBN provides substantial beneficial economic impact when hosting events.

B.A.S..S. Nation National Championship qualifier #1 - Possum Kingdom - 03/25/2023

B.A.S..S. Nation National Championship qualifier #2 - Possum Kingdom - 03/26/2023

B.A.S..S. Nation National Championship qualifier #3 - Elephant Butte - 04/22/2023

B.A.S..S. Nation National Championship qualifier #4 - Elephant Butte - 04/23/2023

B.A.S..S. Nation National Championship qualifier #5 - President's Cup - Ute Lake - 05/20-21/2023

Format is best 3 of 5 events for qualifiers. You do not need to go out of state to qualify. You don't need to go to a specific venue if you don't like it. We felt this was the best compromise based on member feedback.

Below, you will find our open team events.

NMBN Open Team event #1 - Ute Lake - 6/10/2023

NMBN Open Team event #2 - Ute Lake - 07/08/2023

NMBN Open Team event #3 - Ute Lake - 08/26-27/2023

The NMBN Youth tournament was tough fishing October 15, 2022 at Elephant Butte but we were able to get some fish weighed in. Thanks to our Boat Captains for taking the kids out, Justin Allen, Brian Stangel, Ray Forbes and Justin Armenta. Thank you to everyone who sponsored our youth club this year: Danny Christian with Environmental Control, Nick Mendez with LA welding, Dennis with Sunbelt Concrete, Post 99, and Hanseatic Management Services, Inc. for the tackle donations for 1st - 7th.

1st - Justin Moquino 1.0 - 1 fish

2nd - Drew Armenta .95 1- fish

3rd - Ben Allen .89 1 fish

4th - Jace Widner .85 1 fish

Thanks Donald Peters with the Marina Suites for helping with our weigh-in.

Thank you to Global Opportunities Unlimited - GO Unlimited for our plaque’s and supporting our tournament this weekend. I know you have supported youth fishing from day one. We can’t say thank you enough to the support they have given us over the last couple of years.

Be sure to check out the NMBN Youth Facebook page for more info.

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