Elephant Butte Vegetation Plans

This is how pathetic my life has become! I drive around looking at plants wondering what they would look like dead under water and how long they would last. How would a fish use the dead plants for cover, spawning, ambush sites, and for food? Would periphyton (look it up) thrive on the plant if it wasn't too deep? There isn't much published on the web about what actually happens when lakes rise into shoreline vegetation but anglers know that the fish populations thrive when it happens. The Southwest Adapt-a-Cove project will explore the possibility of mimicking this phenomena every year by using the predictable irrigation cycles as an opportunity to plant native plants in the moist shoreline from Memorial Day weekend through the end of August. This may unlock a whole new (and cheaper) way of improving fisheries on irrigation reservoirs. Everyone is invited to review the planting strategy

Western Soapberry in EB State Park

(attached) and provide suggestions.

It is amazing what can grow without soil at EB