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New Mexico B.A.S.S. Nation News:

2016 NM Bass Nation State Team Qualifier #1 and #2 Conchas Lake, NM May 21-22, 2016

Three coves at Elephant Butte now have "BASS SPAWN IN PROGRESS" signs posted in front of them.  Please do not fish beyond the signs April 1 to May 31st.  The project was started last year with the Elephant Butte community leaders, anglers, and NM Game and Fish. The project is designed to allow adult fish the opportunity to spawn without getting hammered by tournament anglers.  This will assist the lake in restoring it to the trophy fishery it used to be and to secure fishing opportunities for our future anglers.  The hope is that for a short period of time during the spawn anglers will voluntarily abide by the posted off limits. We hope all anglers, especially local bass clubs, will help spread the word and participate in this effort.  Thanks for your support.

2016 NMBN State Team Qualifier Schedule

NMBN State Team Qualifier #1 Conchas Lake May 21, 2016
NMBN State Team Qualifier #2 Conchas Lake May 22, 2016
NMBN State Team Qualifier #3 Navajo Lake August 20, 2016
NMBN State Team Qualifier #4 President's Cup Navajo Lake August 21, 2016

Randy Campbell 2016 NM BASS Nation Boater Champion

Danny Four 2016 NM BASS Nation Non-boater Champion

2016 NMBN State Club Dues ($20/member) and current roster should be mailed to: 

NMBN Treasurer
Denise Hansel
518 Ridgecrest
Los Alamos, NM 87544