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New Mexico B.A.S.S. Nation News:

The 2015 rules are now posted for the NM BASS Nation events for 2015.  Please come out and support the NMBN and bring a friend.  


2015 NMBN Qualifying Tournament Update

The NMBN directors voted to keep the total number of weekends fished at 2. Each weekend will consist of two one-day tournaments for a total of 4 qualifying events for the 2016 B.A.S.S. Regional Tournament.  The tournament format at Conchas will be a boater/nonboater cross draw as done in 2014.  The tournament format for the final day at Navajo will be a Pro/Am (Boater controls the boat all day) format as required by B.A.S.S.

The weekends selected by the executive committee after input from the directors, consideration of available locations, conflicts with other tournaments and fishing conditions are:

May 30, 2015                    Conchas Lake

May 31, 2015                    Conchas Lake

September 12, 2015          Navajo Lake

September 13, 2015          Navajo Lake

Due to the holiday schedule, the lake off limits will begin at midnight on Monday (Tuesday morning) before the tournament.  Fishing will be allowed on Monday.  Official practice for both weekends will be the Friday prior to each weekend and all rules apply including life jackets when big engine is running.

The Conchas tournaments will be a cross draw, the same as last year.  Qualification format for the State Team will be modified  before Navajo to meet B.A.S.S. changes to a Pro/Am format based on the best 3 of 4 scores.  Conchas scores will carry over into the final tournament qualifier.

Registration will only be available on Friday from 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. prior to the tournament weekend at the Conchas North Dock Marina.  Do Not Be Late!  Drawing will begin at 6:00 P.M.   Anglers/Co-anglers must register for both events on the Friday prior to the pairings meeting.  All option pots are per event, i.e. two per weekend.

At Conchas, prior to registration, Nonboaters should pay a $50.00 expense fee to the boater they signed up with. (to offset the boaters’ expenses).  It is the nonboaters and boaters responsibility that signed up together to exchange money. Boaters not bringing a non-boater should not expect or request money from the non-boaters that they draw.



1. Bag limits will be announced at the registration depending on the tournament format.  Size limits will be per state regulation as printed in the New Mexico Game and Fish Proclamation. 

  • Navajo and Elephant Butte will be 12” – smallmouth and 14” – largemouth/spotted
  • Conchas and Ute lakes will be 14” –smallmouth, largemouth/spotted bass
  • NMBN will use the red Wil-E-Go belly board (recessed) as the official measuring system.

2. Check-in times will be 3PM-first flight and 3:30PM-second flight.

3. No culling of dead fish will be allowed, PERIOD. Dead fish penalty is 4oz per fish. Penalty for culling a dead fish is disqualification from that tournament.

4. Bass presented for weigh-in which fail to measure the official length shall result in a penalty of 1 pound for each such bass plus that fish removed.

5. You must have your number (Chip) turned in at the check-in point by your check-in time.

6. Late check-in penalty will be one pound per minute late up to 15 minutes. After that, the angler’s weight will be disqualified for that day.

7. All fish caught while sight-fishing shall be hooked on the inside of the mouth and verified by that day’s partner (unless fishing alone) before unhooking.

8. All ties will be broken by 1)-total fish weighed, 2)-total live fish weighed, 3)-big fish weighed. If still unresolved, a flip of a coin will decide placement.

9. It shall be NMBN policy that the tournament waters are OFF-LIMITS starting on Monday at sunset (Tuesday morning) through Friday morning safe light of the week immediately preceding the tournament execution days. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ON TOURNAMENT WATERS DURING COMPETITION DAYS IF NOT REGISTERED FOR THAT DAY. The Tournament Director may modify the off-limits dates to accommodate holidays or other extenuating circumstances.

10. Individuals who operate a boat during any NMBN tournament must have documented proof of boating liability insurance meeting BASS Nation minimum requirements (currently $300,000). Such documented proof must show an effective date and expiration date that includes the tournament dates they are fishing in and must be in possession of the boat operator.

11. This set of rules supersedes all other rules except when not specifically covered herein. If not covered, the next set of rules to follow will be the 2014 BASS Nation Tournament rules. It is the responsibility of all contestants to understand and abide by these rules. All contestants will be given a copy at the first event of the year. Other copies will be available at each event.

12. The entry fee for each tournament will be $100.00- all contestants.

Observers are allowed to fish but shall not control the boat at any time nor interfere with the boater’s ability to fish.  Observers do not pay an entry fee or nonboater expense fee and are not allowed to weigh in fish.   Observers must sign an individual entry form and liability waiver at registration.  B.A.S.S. insurance age limits apply.  Ask the tournament director for clarification.

OPTION POTS – Check with Treasurer or Tournament Director for clarification.

Payout will be per existing NMBN Bylaws.

13. $10.00 optional fee for Big Bass paid back. Big Bass open to boaters & nonboaters.

14. Optional nonboater pot at $15.00.


Prior to registration, nonboaters are to pay a $50 expense fee to the boater they signed up with to offset boaters’ expenses. NMBN will not collect the nonboater money any longer.


Starting position and the pairing of boaters with nonboaters will be a random manual (numbered chip) draw. Check with Tournament Director for clarification.  Two exceptions to the random manual draw exist:

·        No one will be paired with the same boater/nonboater twice in one year.

·        The tournament director may designate a boater pairing as needed to accommodate physical impairments requested by the contestant (to the tournament director) prior to the drawing.

For clarification:   

·        A boater may be paired with a nonboater from the same club.

·        A boater may be paired with the nonboater he registered with.

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